Odu-kun no Vita Sexualis by Kashio

Title: Odu-kun no Vita Sexualis | 小津くんのヰタ・セクスアリス
Author: Kashio | カシオ
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Genre: Yaoi, Slice of Life 
ISBN: 978-4-04-727903-2
Summary: Odu-kun is 30 years old and with no girlfriend. What’s more he’s still a virgin. An embarrassing secret that he accidentally told to super popular friend Araragi. This suppose to be the end but he found out that Araragi has no experiences with women either. It made him feel batter to find a comrade who’s popular but still virgin, however – !?

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Title: Zoku Odukun no Vita Sexualis
Author: Kashio
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Title: Wakai Tsubame boy toy
Author: Kashio
Circle: jet
Summary: After Makabe finds out that his coworker Odu is in homosexual relationship, he starts to question himself.

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