Two more projects done

Title: Shiro no Koro
Author: Mita Ori
Rating: G
Summary: Title story talks about Fuji who moved to countryside for a little while. Daichi met him there. It was their youth, the time when both were still white. One with innocent love and kisses, another not aware how first love feels like. The distance between city and countryside seems to be the same as is the distance between the two of them. Will they be able to overcome the hardship?

Title: Mauri to Ryuu
Author: Moto Haruhira
Rating: 15+
Summary: Traveling gods meeting various people. 

This isn’t an anniversary release, but I’m posting it practically on anniversary. Fashionably late, as always, but yesterday it was 7 years since our first release. I can’t hardly believe it’s been so long, and I doubt I’ll continue for another sever years, but I hope we’ll have fund with it as long as it lasts.
I’m planing to have one chapter of Tokyo Shinjuu as actual anniversary release, but I have to confirm names of new members to make proper credit page o.O (expat to see it in couple of days 🙂 )
Anyway, with this not much is left. I hope tho release Nigeta Hitsuji no Tsukamaekata by the end of the month. Mi Diablo will take a bit longer since it’s to precarious. After that we’ll focus on ongoing Tokyo SHinjuu and Nakamura-kun with occasional doujin releases here and there. We won’t pick up any new projects for time being 🙂

Enjoy super sweet Shiro no Koro (special thanks goes to Aka Tenshi for helping with typesetting <3), and the last of volume 1 of Mauri to Ryuu (sorry we’re not working on vol. 2). And do let us know what you though of it, who was your fave couple?