YowaPeda – Blue dyed white (FukuAra)

Title: Blue dyed white | 青に染まる白
Author: METALIZE / Futon
Fandom/Pair: Yowamushi Pedal / Fukutomi x Arakita (+18)
Summary: Fukutomi is facing one of the crossroads that’ll vastly influence his life.
Last 6 pages are taken from later reprint and were not originally published in this doujin.
Find download here.

This doujin was released on our discord yesterday, you should join cause I’ll do this more often (getting everything ready for actual release takes more time than you might think).

Anyway, this is first release since beginning of the year. We have a lot of catching up to do. So I’ll go straight to announcements:

  • We’re looking for proofreader and experienced editor (or separately typesetter and cleaner). More info available through our email ( bunny26a3 [@] gmail.com) or through our discord channel (ping/PM Nachi).
  • We’re cleaning our future projects list (including doujins). I’m slowly making the list, but some are already available for adoption. Please look at this and contact us if you (or someone you know) are interested in picking any of our past future projects.
  • In line with the above our future list is not public yet, once it will be it’ll be quite different. That said we’re not dropping any of the titles we already released (including the extra from Mauri to Ryuu), but we won’t work on any sequels/spin offs (namely Mauri to Kuroi Ryuu and YOUNG GOOD BOYFRIEND(this one is licensed anyway)).
  • Honjitsu kara no Rinjinai completely depends on Random Fujoshis Scans. If they’ll drop the project, consider it dropped. Our job was to decensor the book (which we finished over a year ago) and to QC, which we can’t if we don’t get any files.
  • Nigeta Hitsuji no Tsukamaekata is licensed (or at least it has “more official” English release), we failed to notice that. Since we got no mail regarding this we only plan to release main story (since it’s more or less done) and that probably remove files after a month or so.
  • T.S.D. and Traumatic Phantasm depend on my (Nachi) translations; I’m giving both projects super low priority. I’m into all morally/legally questionable stuff but I’m not OK with them if stories don’t go toward happy ending. Both above mentioned titles are neck deep into shitty waters and I don’t see them getting out of it anytime soon. I need to be in the right mood to translate stuff like this :/
  • Old site is gone, there was no way for us to efficiently preserve old content. We’re on WordPress now, disqus comments are still enabled.
  • In line with the above, our online reader is not up to date and a lot of download links are dead. We’ll work on our archive in the following weeks. Comment on this site or at discord if there are any projects you want us to restore first. We’ll also make an archive at MangaDex to avoid this in the future (any other agregator site aside MangaDex does not have our permission to host our manga!)
  • Ask if something you’re interested in was not answered yet!

And short list of project status (QC=quality control, TS=typesetting, CL=cleaning, PR=proofread):

  • Nightmare Catalog: ch8&9 need QC, currently TSing ch10
  • Shiro no Koro: ch 3-9 need TS&QC
  • Mauri to Ryuu: extra needs CL,TS&QC
  • Mi Diablo: ch3-6 need PR, currently TSing ch2
  • Nigeta Hitsuji no Tsukamaekata: ch3 needs CL,TS&QC, ch4 TS&QC
  • Wakai Tsubame (Odu-kun doujin): needs TS&QC
  • Kenenka no Table: aside from ch1 full book is at PR stage
  • Tokyo Shinjuu: vol 4 needs CL,TS&QC, parts of vol.5 translated
  • Motto! Nakamura-kun: ch2 needs TL (we’ll focus more on this once we finish the first 3 projects on this list)
  • Daiya no A doujin from gg: needs QC

Yowamushi Pedal: Other

Arakita x Toudou

Title: doud | ダウド
Author: Norico | ノリコ
Circle: NALIS
Rating: R-18
DL: ZS|MF|Reader

Title: Joudan ha Hodohodo ni | 冗談はほどほどに
Author: Hayato | 隼人
Circle: gt
Rating: R-18
DL: ZS|MF|Reader

Fukutomi x Arakita

Title: Honmei Kareshi | 本命カレシ
Author: Futon | 布団
Circle: Metalize |
Rating: R-18
DL: ZS|MF|Reader

Title: White dyed blue | 青に染まる白
Author: Futon | 布団
Circle: Metalize |
Rating: R-18
DL: MU|MF|Reader

Fukutomi x Kinjou

Author: Vic | ビク
Circle: 9han
Pairing: Fukutomi x Kinjou
Rating: R-15
DL: ZS|MF|Reader

Kuroda x Arakita

Title: HELP
Author: Tatsunosuke Yukiya | 逹之介ユキヤ
Circle: Sokotsuya Baker | 粗忽屋ベイカー
Rating: 18+
Authors SNS: HP | pixiv | twitter
Download: ZS | MF | Read online

Mob x Makishima

Title: Makishima-kun no Jersey ga Nusumarete | 巻島君のジャージが盗まれて
Author: Yamada Non | やまだノン
Circle: +810
Rating: R-18
Joint with Silver Lining
DL: ZS|1F|Reader