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Projects we're letting go
« on: February 08, 2016, 11:13:08 PM »
Those of you that are more keen on reading everything you can, you know we don't really do dropped projects accept if someone else starts releasing something we already released in the past. Luckily enough we weren't really forced into doing that. This should also tell you we're still working on all our current projects. Yes all! With no exceptions! We just switched tactics and are focusing on less at the time to bring what we can to conclusion in shorter time.

However based on still ongoing questionnaire I'd like to talk about some f the projects you mentioned what you're looking forward to, but we decided to let them go.

First doujinshi. we're letting go of the following two doujinshi:
Tomodachi wa Koibito and Sangaku-kun Sakamichi-kun vol1
While we had them both scanned they were both already scanlated by other groups, for that reason we see no more point in dealing with them.
As a side announcement: Sangaku-kun Sakamichi-kun was met to be a full joint, but things wet a bit side ways so both of us , Fushigi Scans and bunny's scans, will work on the series sporadically aka you should expect next release from the series to be released by us.

Daiya no A
As many of you know Baka Dumb Aho scans were our main partners in crime fro DnA doujin releases. Considering how they are at the moment it is questionable whether we'll work on couple of them, but further announcement will follow on this subject.

If you know of any other doujin we have on our list to already have been scanlated please let us know.

Next, manga:
Bouzu to Kumo
While we didn't make an official announcement, as in put the cover on our future list, we did say in comments few times we'll work on this project. Unfortunately we're letting go of the book itself, it has been scanlated by another person. We will work on extra papers and thous keep small involvement with the titles.
Here I can say, in case it was not clear, you can consider we'll work on any Haji project we can get our hands on; we'll wait for volume releases for most of them as we do not know any scan provider of magazines in which she's releasing.

Yoru wa Tomodachi
This title was meant to be a joint with Must be Endless scanlations. Both of us were looking forward to this project much more than Yasashiku Oshiete, unfortunately it has been started by another group and in the end we both judged it's best to let it go. Out of all this is the only one I can consider as an official dropped projects for reasons only us know. Sincere apologies to lovelies at MbE, I'm pretty sure I'm the one who screwed up this one :x
With this we, as in bunny's scans, are more or less saying goodbye to Ido Gihou. We'll finish Yasashiku Oshiete and maybe work on one or two onshots, but I believe that will be it for us.

Mahou Seinen Nishida-kun/Magical Youth Nishida
I'm sure you didn't expect this one ^^
We're dropping Magical Youth Nishida as the English version is available for pursue at Renta now.
This is not license per say, since it is not English publisher releasing it, however it is legitimate and official translation done by Renta on behalf of original Japanese publisher. A good portion of first chapter is available for preview so indulge yourself there. Please support the author and buy the book if you can :)

And while I'm currently not comfortable announcing much more future projects I will this time since we're partially already started working on both. And those are:
Those are: Achhi Muite, Ai and Deichuu no Hasu
For Tamekou I can say we'll aslo work on pretty much anything we can find (including doujins she released together with Syundei :) )
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Re: Projects we're letting go
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2016, 03:58:24 AM »
so many good news


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Re: Projects we're letting go
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2016, 07:47:51 AM »
Thank you for keeping us updated! For Bouzu to Kumo, while it was scanlated, the translation... isn't stellar imo thus some parts are incomprehensible but I can understand if you don't want to do redundant work. I'll be looking forward to Achhi Muite, Ai and Deichuu no Hasu, thanks for your work<3

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Re: Projects we're letting go
« Reply #3 on: February 09, 2016, 10:27:37 AM »
Psychameleon I understand your sentiment, but scanlations were never meant to be professional. And simply because we or readers are not happy with the translation it doesn't mean that's good enough reason for us to work on it as well. We do take pride in doing decent quality and readers often praised us for that, but this also takes time. If we'd have like 10 books or less on our future list or maybe another translator to spare we might consider working on full book out of love we (or better said I) feel for Haji's works. But that's not the case, and the scanlation that has been done achieved good enough spread over the internet already. Scanlaitors receive little response on what they do and I feel we'd receive it even less in a case like this. We're still people doing this in free time so hearing back from readers is also important to us.