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3rd anniversary giveaway
« on: January 05, 2016, 03:10:07 PM »

To enter giveaway solve our questionnaire.
We finished our 3rd year of activity and we're entering our 4th. In past year we also passed 1000 followers on tumbler (we're barely past 1400 now :D) and ever since I saw that number I wanted to do a giveaway for all our readers. Unfortunately due to time restrains I had it got postponed till anniversary. So here it is, finally ~

Coupled with it we're also doing a viewer of our readers so you can give us a little feedback on our work we did in past 3 years. Non of the questions is obligatory (accept the one about giveaway), but if you want to enter giveaway you need to answer at least 2 questions. More below. And no you don't need to enter giveaway to leave feedback :)

Time frame: open till end of February

How to enter give away:
1. Fill out at least 2 questions or more on our questionnaire.
2. Leave e-mail where we can contact you. Without one you will not enter giveaway, we will appreciate the feedback tough.

1. all rewards are one way or another related to our projects. Those being: all physical print from Odu-kun series (as our first projects), and 3 doujins for our 2 most worked on fandoms Yowamushi Pedal and Daiya no A (focusing on parings we haven't worked on that much so far; at least one of them already scanlated).
2. Shipping will be payed by us.

How to win:
1. Each participant will be given a number according to when they solved the questionably, among those 3 will be chosen randomly.
2. Among chosen numbers, the first written will have a chance to choose which ever of the 3 awards, second among remaining two and the third will be left with the remaining one.

NOTE: If you're no good with 18+ material you will get an opportunity to chose doujins for all ages, Odu-kun award cannot be change for another manga related project we've done, so if that remains you can either chose to take it or leave it to the one the one next inline.

I hope this was clear enough, if you have any questions ask them below :)
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