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Contact: bunny_26a3_[at]_gmail_._com (remove all underscores & replace [at] with @)

About: We're a group of people mainly focusing on authors that just made a debut with publishing company, are not very often translated by scanlaitors or are in general less known either in Japan or outside of it. Original doujinshi are what we consider a special treat.
However this does not mean we will never work on a title by an author that does not meet the criteria above. Exceptions are always welcome, more so if the story meets our fancy.

Reuploads and sharing:
No aggregator online reading sites that earn money with ad-revenue. We have our own reader where you can read at full quality we provide and no annoying ads.
Reuploads as such are ok.

Release schedule:
Releases will be made when ready. We'd love to release more frequently, but we all have our own limits. We're always happy if people join to help us release faster, be it in general or only for one specific project. Also we never drop a project without clear announcement. If you haven't seen one assume we're still working on it.

A gorgeous project was dropped. I don't understand why.
We don't consider something dropped if we did not start working on. Our future list has many projects but many of them are not scanned yet so if somebody else releases it before us we won't work on it. If we haven't started working on the title it will disappear from our list silently with no announcement. We will make an announcement only in the case we already worked and made releases on a project, but was continued or started over by another group for whatever reason.
As stated under about section we mainly focuses on new mangakas. There is many of them and if somebody else likes one of our projects to the point they want to work on it we will gladly move on to another title.

We're happy to make a joint project out of any title we have on our list. You're free to approach us with your suggestions as well.

Can I translated your projects to another language?
Please refer to this page.

Requests & Suggestions:
Our  WIP list is always full and when it gets an empty spot it's quickly filed with something our staff wants to work on. However you're free to make suggestions we'll have them when purchasing new titles.

OMG you buy OPERA because of Canis?! What happened with Usotsuki wa Shinshi no Hajimari/Lies Are a Gentleman's Manners by Matsuo Marta?
MangaUpdates indicates quite clearly it's still ongoing, and as far as we know that info is correct. What chapters were released after vol. 1 is written there too. The last one, extra and apparently the same thing as what was already scanlated, was published in OPERA 50 as part of their celebration. It was way to soon for any new material to be made. Chapters are being released very sporadically, as in every 4-8 months (more often 8 months), why there's so much time between chapters is beyond us.

Anything else:
Just ask, in the comments, e-mail, PM, tumblr, etc.
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