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Tokyo Shinjuu ch3 by Totempole
« on: February 01, 2014, 12:18:35 PM »
Thank you so much for the shower of comments in previous post. It was a pleasure to read them, especially as a lot of you commented on the content and some of you even said you'll buy the book. As a translator, hearing people will buy the book, I could hardly wish for anything better than that ^^;;
 Our releases are a bit slow lately, but they'll get more frequent with time. It would help a lot if we could get another translator and well versed final quality checker. If interested please let us know at bunny26a3 [at]
 And here's another chapter of Tokyo Shinjuu for you. It should have been released way sooner, but a lot's happen. Tokyo Shinjuu getting no. 1 in Kono BL ga Yabai! is something that took as a back. We knew it's super popular in Japan but on our side it was a bit unexpected. At least it brought some attention to the title outside of Japan as well. Either way congratulations Totempole-sensei!
 Before you read we'd like to point out there was a translation mistake that might confuse some of you while reading this chapter. In ch.2 after Yano-san turned down Miyasaka's dinner invitation Yano-san offered to invite him next time. This mistake will be fixed when we'll finish the volume with compiled vol. 1 chapters upload.
 Enjoy reading :)
Title: Tokyo Shinjuu
Author: Totempole
Buy paper: Honto, Mangaoh, Amazon, yesasia
Buy digital:
Renta, ebookjapan
Chapter 3
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