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Announcements / [01.05] YowaPeda HELP
« on: January 05, 2016, 04:38:59 PM »
I'm glad to say we're successfully finishing our 3rd year of activity. As per usual we have little something for you this time as well. Unfortunately thins are not going as well as we planned them but we'll have everything out one way or another until end of the month :P
But for now let's try counting down till 10th anyway.

We have YowaPeda doujin for you this time. A pair that's not super popular but still adorable. Honestly this suppose to be released last month, but than I kept it as back up just in case something goes wrong with our anniversary releases xD

As part of our 3rd anniversary we're also asking for your feedback. We'd love to hear what you've to say about our work so if you have some time please fill out our questionnaire. Hand in hand also goes giveaway. This is something I'm doing personally as admin of this group, other staff knew nothing about it ^^;; For more info go to corresponding topic.

Title: HELP
Circle/Artist: Sokotsuya Baker/Tatsunosuke Yukiya (Pixiv)
Parody: Yowamushi Pedal
Pairing: Kuroda x Arakita
Rating: 18+
Support: Toranoana, K-BOOKS


Complete projects / Fan made DJ Yowamushi Pedal - Kuroda x Arakita
« on: January 05, 2016, 04:38:47 PM »

Title: HELP
Author: Tatsunosuke Yukiya
Circle: Sokotsuya Baker
Rating: 18+
Printed: 2014.05
Support author: Toranoana | K-BOOKS
Authors SNS: HP | pixiv | twitter

Download: ZS | MF | Read online

Announcements / 3rd anniversary giveaway
« on: January 05, 2016, 03:10:07 PM »

To enter giveaway solve our questionnaire.
We finished our 3rd year of activity and we're entering our 4th. In past year we also passed 1000 followers on tumbler (we're barely past 1400 now :D) and ever since I saw that number I wanted to do a giveaway for all our readers. Unfortunately due to time restrains I had it got postponed till anniversary. So here it is, finally ~

Coupled with it we're also doing a viewer of our readers so you can give us a little feedback on our work we did in past 3 years. Non of the questions is obligatory (accept the one about giveaway), but if you want to enter giveaway you need to answer at least 2 questions. More below. And no you don't need to enter giveaway to leave feedback :)

Time frame: open till end of February

How to enter give away:
1. Fill out at least 2 questions or more on our questionnaire.
2. Leave e-mail where we can contact you. Without one you will not enter giveaway, we will appreciate the feedback tough.

1. all rewards are one way or another related to our projects. Those being: all physical print from Odu-kun series (as our first projects), and 3 doujins for our 2 most worked on fandoms Yowamushi Pedal and Daiya no A (focusing on parings we haven't worked on that much so far; at least one of them already scanlated).
2. Shipping will be payed by us.

How to win:
1. Each participant will be given a number according to when they solved the questionably, among those 3 will be chosen randomly.
2. Among chosen numbers, the first written will have a chance to choose which ever of the 3 awards, second among remaining two and the third will be left with the remaining one.

NOTE: If you're no good with 18+ material you will get an opportunity to chose doujins for all ages, Odu-kun award cannot be change for another manga related project we've done, so if that remains you can either chose to take it or leave it to the one the one next inline.

I hope this was clear enough, if you have any questions ask them below :)

Announcements / Re: [08.09] Original DJ - Traumatic Phantasm
« on: December 12, 2015, 05:49:28 AM »
To my knowledge strictly here in this doujinshi and nothing else. Marumari done few more illustrations on her pixiv, but ever since she released his first part she made no update for this story specifically so yeah unfortunately this is it :/

Complete projects / Manga YOUNG BAD EDUCATION by Dayoo
« on: December 02, 2015, 01:40:44 PM »

Genre: Yaoi, Slice of Life
ISBN: 978-4-396-78353-2
Serialized in: on BLUE
Label: on BLUE comics
Publisher: Shodensha
Author: Dayoo
Buy Paper: Honto | Mangaoh | Amazon
Buy digital: EBJ | Amazon
Summary: Top student Mizusawa, third year in high school, was kissed by his drunk homeroom teacher, Takatsu (37 years old). After being told by a dazed Takatsu, that he'll stop the unrequited love he's been holding for him ever since his school entrance, Mizusawa has for the first time taken an interest in him.

Joint with Must be Endless Scanlations
Download: | Read online
c01: ZS | MF (Young Bad Education)
c02: ZS | MC (You are a Teasing Seed of a Spark)
bonus track: ZS | MF
Full volume: ZS |MF (rar: ZS |MF)
spin-off: ZS |MF

Announcements / Re: [11.23] Hatter #2
« on: December 01, 2015, 09:41:02 AM »
Thank you all so much for the feedback. Ah it's been a while since we got so much response and I feel in love with Canis again and again with each new comment of yours I read <3
Thanks also for all the comments on scanlation quality. I'm far from happy but I'm glad you people like it ^^

@Michiyuki: Thank you for the offer. I'm not sure if you noticed but that's actually extra 2 in voluem release we made, so we don't need it, but I really appreciate the thought :)

@Nik: Hahaha, that's indeed the case, but any more of Satoru and Ryou at this point would feel as unnecessary story dragging if you ask me. It would still be nice to see their struggles in forming their firm relationship as lovers now ^^

Announcements / [11.27] YBE spin off
« on: November 27, 2015, 09:31:53 PM »
Short release this time. Big thanks to MbE for collaboration and huge patience they have with us. Thanks goes to saki_scans for providing scans too.

Also huge thanks to all the readers that responded to Hatter release, it's quite overwhelming (I don't recall ever that much love from you guys before ^^) I'll be sure to answer some of those in time :x

And if there's a bored typesetter out there please contact us :)

Title: Young Bad Education
Author: Dayoo
Buy paper: Honto, Mangaoh, Amazon
Buy digital: not available
Joint with Must be Endless Scanlations

spin off

Announcements / [11.23] Hatter #2
« on: November 23, 2015, 08:30:09 PM »
Aaand this marks the end of Hatter part. The volume i white a nervewreck so if you do not have the time to read it whole I suggest you wait until you do. It really has a lot of ups and downs, and also super adorable back story to Ako and B-O <3 (i want to see more of them T_T)
With next Canis release we'll dive into The Speaker part where we'll probably see a bit more of Ryou too, but more likely than not this is the last we've seen Ryou and Satoru together. We'll follow the mafia trio next :)

Oh and on the side note, I didn't scan one of the insert colors and left magazine version cause I'm lazy ass, also postcards that came with Opera are not included yet(?) as I have not received them all.

Also we wouldn't mind another cleaner and typesetter (or editor in one) to help us on long them, preferably experienced ppl~

Title: Canis - Dear Hatter - #2
Author: ZAKK
Buy paper:  Mangaoh, Honto, Amazon, yesasia
Buy digital: EBJ, Renta

Downloads | Read Online
7th: ZS|MF
8th: ZS|MF
9th: ZS|MF
10th: ZS|MF
11th: ZS|MF
extra 1: ZS|MF
extra 2: ZS|MF
extra 3: ZS|MF
extra 4: ZS|MF
toranoana extra:  ZS|MF

full volume download
Do not upload to online reading sites!

Announcements / Re: [11.08] Canis Hatter ch6
« on: November 09, 2015, 10:33:39 PM »
Ah, so nice to see all the lovely responses ^^ Thank you <3

@Marie: No, unfortunately that is not the same author. ZAKK also goes by Ishie Hachi name for her non-BL works. Maybe the two worked together, or ZAKK was influenced by her, but it's hard to say anything definite ^^

@apple: Thank you so much for supporting the author, it relay means a lot to us!

@Merve: Canis series currently has 3 volumes, Dear Mr. Rain we already released, Dear Hatter vol.1 that we finished with this chappter and Dear Hatter vol. 2, the one you talked about with Ryou on the cover. If you want to complete the story with Satoru and Ryou you'll need to get the volume with Ryou on the cover as well. The content picks from where chapter 6 finished so it's all new :) I hope this helps and thanks for sharing your thought :D

Announcements / [11.08] Canis Hatter ch6
« on: November 08, 2015, 10:34:04 PM »
There were votes for and against, since I like torturing people I decided to deliver 6th part of Dear Hatter ~
Please be kindly warned this ends in a sort of cliffhanger :)

In the zip, beside chapter 6,  you'll also find all covers, obi, colors, extra and extra paper that came with volume release.
Much thanks to all staff that was involved this volume: Karuna, Michi, eyms, psy, Elle, Melly, Cutiie, ThunderK and tim who jumped on board just recently.

Enjoy the end of first volume of Dear Hatter (the rest will come a bit later :) )

Title: Canis - Dear Hatter -
Author: ZAKK
Buy paper:  Mangaoh, Honto, Amazon
Buy digital:not available yet

6th part
ZS|MF|Read Online

full volume download
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Announcements / [11.01] Odukun c06
« on: November 01, 2015, 11:00:18 PM »
For those that give importance to All Saints' Day (one teacher of mien said we should spend time with the living on this day... wise words ^^) and those that don't, enjoy last chapter from volume release of Odukun no Vita Sexualis.
The main story (with Odu and Araraki) still has one more chapter to go and one doujinshi. We'll see when those 2 are done, as you can see I'm really not pushing for this one ^^;;

Also we'll slowly change how we'll list our projects for easier moderation. They'll follow the same format format as current Odukun project page. Forum commenting will be disabled, diqus comments will stay.

Title: Odukun no Vita Sexualis
Author: Kashio
Buy paper: Honto, Mangaoh, Amazon
Buy digital: ebookjapan, Honto Amazon Kindle

17 seventeen
ZS|MF|Read Online
full volume download
Do not upload to online reading sites!

Complete projects / Manga Odukun no Vita Sexualis by Kashio
« on: November 01, 2015, 08:45:38 PM »

Genre: Yaoi, Slice of Life
ISBN: 978-4-04-727903-2
Serialized in: Canna (c1-3), CAB (c4-6)
Label: B's LOVELY
Publisher: enterbrain
Title: Odukun no Vita Sexualis
Author: Kashio
Buy Paper: Honto | Mangaoh | Amazon
Buy digital: EBJ | Honto | Amazon
Summary: Odu-kun is 30 years old and with no girlfriend. What's more he's still a virgin. An embarrassing secret that he accidentally told to super popular friend Araragi. This suppose to be the end but he found out that Araragi has no experiences with women either. It made him feel batter to find a comrade who's popular but still virgin, however - !?

Download: | Read online
c01&02: 1F | MC
c03: ZS | MC
c04: 1F | ZS
c05: 1f | ZS
c06: ZS |MF
Full volume: ZS |MF


Genre: Yaoi, Slice of Life
Serialized in: recottia vol. 11
Label: B's LOVELY
Publisher: enterbrain
Title: Zoku Odukun no Vita Sexualis
Author: Kashio
Buy Digital (recottia): Honto | EBJ | RENTA

Download: ZS | MF | Read online

Announcements / Re: [10.25] Nakamura-kun 3
« on: October 28, 2015, 06:17:41 AM »
We will!
But the typesetter went MIA and I usually make it a point to wait as long as I can before I hand the job to someone else (i fear the double work :x ), but it think this is a lost case now >_< (if you or anybody else can help, you're welcome to)

As for Mauri to Ryuu.... well Indigo Scans is not in the best shape at the moment so that may take a little longer too :/

Announcements / [10.25] Nakamura-kun 3
« on: October 25, 2015, 11:23:16 PM »
In this chapter our hear gets to talk with Hirose, unfortunately life is likes to play with him ^^;;

And with this we're up to date :D Can you believe it. Of course not, cause it's only for a few days until new magazine with new chapter is released. No questions when we'll update please, I use slowpoke shipping.

Title: Ganbare! Nakamura-kun!!
Author: Syundei
Buy paper: honto, Amazon, Mangaoh, HMV
Buy digital: not available

chapter 3

Announcements / Re: [10.11] YBE & DnA dj
« on: October 19, 2015, 05:13:37 PM »
Ahaha, no problem, I'm just glad it worked ^^ I've no idea what was wrong this time, I got 3 different reports for corrupt file (even tho it was about different version), which is really odd since I never got these sort of complaints so far...

I hope you enjoyed the book :)

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