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Forum general rules and functions
« on: February 12, 2014, 03:09:35 PM »
Most scanlation forums are not particularly active and I expect this to be no different.
I don't feel like policing this forum so please:
practise general manners when commenting.

This is a replacement of our blogspot page. If you wish to comment:
-create new account by register or with Open ID
-comment as anonymous.

As anonymous:
-you will be requested to solve captcha for each post
-you can make new topics
-you can report posts
- the system will request from you to write in e-mail which is visible only to administrators.

As registered user:
-you'll be requested to solve captcha for first post you'll make.
-subscribe to boards and topics; the system will inform you of new posts on forum

How to subscribe:
1. You'll need an account.
2. Use Notify function. You'll find it at top right menu in each board and topic. This is how it looks in topic (gray button):

(You'll find notify button in similar place for boards as well.)
Clicking the buttom you'll be prompt to following message:

When you confirm you can adjust your subscription under Profile->Modify Profile->Notifications

More on notifications read here.
Please be aware that mails sent by forum tend to be sent to spam box, create filter for it to be sent to inbox.

Anything not clear in regards of form please ask in the comments.
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