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Welcome to bunny⚣'s scans

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January 10, 2017, 10:17:58 PM by Nachi
Views: 6526 | Comments: 12

There's a lot to say this year so I'll give you a cut off here :)

October 03, 2016, 11:21:08 AM by Nachi
Views: 6841 | Comments: 13

Reasons for our slow releases:
1. Lack of translators and quality checkers. Please spread the worked, please help if you can, please ask to be taught (bunny26a3 [at] - some things are not that difficult to do, just a but of patience, time and dedication.
2. To many people came and disappeared right after. It's really disheartening and tiring to train staff just for them to disappear a week after.
3. bunny's scans will close down! that is if we do not get some desperately needed new blood by the end of January. That is the deadline I'm giving to this group. I'd hate to close down but with the current state balancing my life is making all aspects of it to suffer, including this group. So please spread the word, contact us if you're interested to help long term or want to learn and stay with us.

EDIT: Just to be clear, we desperately need translators. That is what can save us.
I think we'll manage QC somehow, but anything else I'll have to turn you away, rediracte you to another group or have you on waiting list. I don't want to have extra staff I have no work to give to or make them work on something we won't release for months to come. This goes against me telling you to "ask to be taught" and I'm sorry for that, but I don't have enough time to train everyone for grater good. Right now I'm first thinking of how to solve the group...

EDIT: I should have updated this earlier, we don't need translators anymore, we won't close (at least for now). We would need a cleaner to help tho.

WARNING: This chapter depicts non-con and other forms of abuse.

Title: Canis -THE SPEAKER- Chapter.4
Author: ZAKK
Buy paper (OPERA): SOLD OUT

August 22, 2016, 09:38:20 PM by Nachi
Views: 3801 | Comments: 8

This got a bit delayed because I got occupied unexpectedly. Anyway enjoy ch3 :)
And we're still looking for a translator, please contact us at buunz26a3[at]

Title: Unknown
Author: Taratsumi John
Buy paper: honto, Amazon, Mangaoh, HMV
Joint with Must be Endeless.

chapter 3
August 17, 2016, 09:03:27 PM by Nachi
Views: 3043 | Comments: 8

We're back with ch2 of this awesome oneshot series. Yeah, I don't think I've made it clear enough this is a collection of oneshots, each better than previous one if you ask me :D

We're still looking for a translator! Please contact us at bunny26a3[at]

Title: Unknown
Author: Taratsumi John
Buy paper: honto, Amazon, Mangaoh, HMV
Joint with Must be Endeless.

chapter 2

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