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Title: Recruiting
Post by: Nachi on January 30, 2015, 01:05:14 PM
We are accepting new members to help us speed up our releases.

Currently in dire need of: Cleaners

Few basics that apply to all members of the group:

Positions and requirements

Description: You're expected to translate all the text including sfx. Most of our titles do not have furigana.

Requirement: No previous experience is needed, however you have to have good command of both Japanese and English language. Please submit any other translation you've done in the past if you have them.

Editors are divided  into cleaners and typesetters. You can apply for each individual post, or for editor where you'll be expected to do both. File requirements (size, dpi, etc) and font choice will be provided to you after application (we hope to properly add them here later as well ^^;; )

Description: Cleaning scans includes: rotating, cropping, leveling removing Japanese text,sound affects and dust, redrawing when necessary.

Requirement: Photoshop is necessary. Previous experience is appreciated but not necessary if you're willing to learn. If you're new to this part of the scanlation processes it is very much appreciated if you at least partially familiar yourself with tutorials linked on this site (http://www.insidescanlation.com/backgrounds/guides.html) under Editing Guides. As that is a lot of reading try reading at least 2 out of these that grasp the basics the best in our opinion:
Any newcomer will receive set of actions that can greatly help you, especially when dealing with dust.

Description: Placing English text on to cleaned pages. Photoshop is necessary.

Requirements: Photoshop is necessary. No previous experiences needed, however having a bit of an artistic sense is much appreciated.

Description: Correcting grammatical errors and adjusting sentence wording or length when necessary. Making sure reading flows smoothly.

Requirements: No previous experiences needed. Excellent command of English language is necessary. You do not need to be native speaker for this position.

Quality Check
Description: Making sure final product looks good.

Requirements: A keen eye to spot mistakes in editing or proofreading process.
We would greatly prefer someone whit Photoshop skills so they can fix mistakes themselves, also properly save files and make them ready for release, however not necessary.

Help from local groups
You may have noticed we collaborate with quite a few groups that translate to "local" languages. We're willing to collaborate at any time, given we both agree to terms we'll establish. Few of our collaborations so far consist of simultaneous releases in English and local language, providing cleans or translation scripts prior to English release. In general we encourage collaborations so ask if you see an opportunity :)

Anything else
Just ask ^^
Title: Re: Recruiting
Post by: Minnow on June 24, 2016, 04:00:59 AM
Hello there!

If you're still looking for a Japanese --> English translator, I might be able to help you out. I'm a huge fan of your work (especially Canis!) and would love to contribute.

I have experience translating songs and short news articles. My comprehension wasn't quite good enough for me to attempt timely line-by-line translation till very recently. However, nowadays i find myself running into very few issues reading and understanding most BL titles. I'd be more than willing to join the group in general. Give me the word and I'll send you a sample of my work.

- Min
Title: Re: Recruiting
Post by: Nachi on July 01, 2016, 05:47:13 AM
Contacted you already ^^
Title: Re: Recruiting
Post by: Jonku on October 31, 2016, 10:50:44 PM

I'd be quite interested to work as a translator from Japanese to English.
I'm not native English, but I do currently live in the UK as I'm studying in a Scottish University.
For the level of my Japanese, I learned to speak while participating in student exchange about 4 years ago and I have passed JLPT N2. I currently do translating work for an anime convention so I have some experience (this is however from Finnish to Japanese (and vice versa) and also confidential, so I can't provide any samples). I do require a dictionary to find the meaning of some words that I don't understand, but overall I can read and understand Japanese quite well. If you're okay with someone like me then I'd be glad to help as much as I can :)
Title: Re: Recruiting
Post by: Nachi on November 01, 2016, 12:19:49 AM
Thanks for comment.
I'm interested but it's super late at my place, so I'll contact you tomorrow :)
Title: Re: Recruiting
Post by: Jae Boj on November 03, 2016, 06:09:11 PM
Hello, do you still accept request as a typesetter to join your group? I'm working on a Vietnamese Translation Group but I still want to help you guys since you guys is one of my favorite scanlation group. If need be, you can send me a typesetting test or something like it.

P/s: Sorry for my bad English because it is not my mother language and I really not good at English grammar so all I can do is just write in the simplest way. :(
Title: Re: Recruiting
Post by: Mika on November 05, 2016, 07:48:42 PM

Firstly, let me just thank you guys for scanlating Canis. I am in love with the series, and would like to see it updated ASAP.
That's why if you're still looking for Japanese ->English translators, I am willing to help, especially if it's for Canis (though I'm cool to work with other mangas as well). While neither language is my mother tongue, I studied Japanese for a year in a language school in Kobe, and more in my own country before that. While I passed JLPT N2 with flying colors 2 months ago, I am sure I won't be able to make translations that are 100% accurate. I have done some translations of Saezuru Tori, and scanlated the final chapter of Hana wa Saku ka. I also had brief stints with some translation groups in the past but stopped when things got too busy with work or school. As for my English skills, I am managing to survive as a corporate slave in a country that is a former British colony,  so I think it won't be a major issue.  My concern however, is that for mature/serious mangas like Canis, some words/expressions/grammar can be sometimes too hard to understand, and that's where I will have trouble translating. I'd be happy to translate, of course, but if you already have someone, I might be more suited as a translation proofreader. :) I usually have weekends free, so if you're okay with someone like me, I'd love to help out! :) Cheers!
Title: Re: Recruiting
Post by: Nachi on November 05, 2016, 11:20:03 PM
@Jae Boj: We most definitely need one! I'll write you an emali. Sorry for not noticing your reply earlier T_T

@Mika: I don't know why but forum marked your post as spam... I'll write you an email :)
Title: Re: Recruiting
Post by: Shakayiah Boyle on December 29, 2016, 03:03:09 AM
I am very intrested in becoming a cleaner for your manga. I have experience in photoshop and I love BL manga. So if there are any positions open as a cleaner then I would be happy to accept the positon.
Please contact me at the email address or on this web site as soon as possible. Thank your for the opritunity.

Title: Re: Recruiting
Post by: Nachi on December 29, 2016, 10:22:57 AM
Thanks for applying, just contacted you :D