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November 07, 2017, 08:43:37 PM by Nachi
Views: 1884 | Comments: 7

This is a collab we didn't expect to do it (tbh on the long run I thought I'll even drop this from our Future list). Random Fujoshi was up to work on this and due to strange circumstances we kinda fall in to it and now it's a joint with us as well. We are in charge of decensoring only the rest was on other two groups. Much thanks to Sery from Masked Scans for translation and all the team from Random for the rest of the work.
Please note this project went through JP>KR>EN translation, therefore, some differences are present in the chapter compared to original (this happening in second year of Highschool instead of universatn&co). We done what we could thought.

We're still looking for experianced cleaner. Please join by contacing us at bunny26a3 [at]

November 01, 2017, 08:18:42 PM by Nachi
Views: 736 | Comments: 5

And we're out with the second chapter, this time officially joint with Entwined Trees Scans. Don't forget to tell them your thanks as well :)

We're still looking for experienced cleaners to help us out... at least for the anniversary if nothing more, please contact us at bunny26a3 [at]

October 03, 2017, 09:20:15 PM by Nachi
Views: 1228 | Comments: 6

This took us way too long to finish, but hey we're all up to have another round :P
(also weird numbering cause it's originally weird...)

Proofreaders and typesetters wanted (cleaners welcomed too)! Contact us at bunny26a3 [at]

September 16, 2017, 04:30:46 PM by Nachi
Views: 964 | Comments: 3

Over the night announcement happened that Seven Seas Entertainment licensed Ganbare! Nakamura!! ni English titled "Go for it, Nakamura!".
Thanks to all the fans who let us know. Ironically my personal deadline to release the rest of Nakamura was also this weekend. Since I was practically done I'm releasing it anyway. And yeah I know someone else finished this 2 weeks ago. (panel below sums my feelings perfectly ^^ ). We also owe it to Lenny, thanks for all the help and sorry it took us so long.
The release includes cover and extras from the volume so grab it while it's there. All links and online reader content will be deleted in a couple of days.
There's also an extra paper which I believe was not licensed so you'll get that in due time. As for its continuation, so far nothing was said therefore we preasume it is not licensed...?

We're still looking for proofreaders and cleaners. Contact us throught mail bunny26a3 [at]

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