Contact: bunny_26a3_[at]_gmail_._com (remove all underscores & replace [at] with @)

About: We’re a group of people mainly focusing on authors that just made a debut with publishing company or are in general less known either in Japan or outside of it. Original doujinshi are what we consider a special treat.
However this does not mean we will never work on a title by an author that does not meet the criteria above. Exceptions are always welcome, more so if the story meets our fancy. 
2019 EDIT: The above was our motto, but many of mangaka we worked on became famous so above barely applies anymore.

Reuploads and sharing:
No aggregator online reading sites that earn money with ad-revenue. We have our own reader where you can read at full quality we provide and no annoying ads, we also provide our manga at mangadex.
Reuploads as such are ok.

Release schedule:
Releases will be made when ready aka our release schedule is random as fuck. Join to improve this.

A project was dropped. I don’t understand why.
You’re probably misunderstanding something. We drop project in very rare cases. When we get claim from copyright owners, or when another group started releaseing ahead of us but we were days away from releasing our version as it was in case of Sukina Hito Hodo.

We’re happy to make a joint project out of any title we have on our list. You’re free to approach us with your suggestions as well. 

Can I translated your projects to another language?
Go ahead. For more details refer to this page.

Requests & Suggestions:
We do not take requests, but suggestions are always welcome.

Anything else:
Just ask, in the comments, e-mail, discordtumblr, etc.

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