Tokyo Shinjuu by Totempole

Title: Tokyo Shinjuu Jou | 東京心中 上
Author:  Totempole | トウテムポール
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Summary: Miyasaka decided to try his luck as assistant director in entertainment industry. His first impression of director Yano was not the best but it slowly started to changed after he managed to see his smile when they talked about a movie.
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Title: Tokyo Shinjuu Ge | 東京心中 下
Author: Totempole | トウテムポール
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Title: Tokyo Shinjuu 2 | 東京心中②愛してるって7言わなきゃ殺す 
Author: Totempole | トウテムポール 
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Title: Tokyo Shinjuu 3 | アンタのドレイのママでイイ
Author: Totempole |トウテムポール 
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Title: Tokyo Shinjuu 4 | アンタのドレイのママでイイ
Author: Totempole |トウテムポール 
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MU: 19.1
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Shiro no Koro by Mita Ori

Title: Shiro no Koro | 白のころ
Author: Mita Ori | 三田織
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Summary: Title story talks about Fuji who moved to countryside for a little while. Daichi met him there. It was their youth, the time when both were still white. One with innocent love and kisses, another not aware how first love feels like. The distance between city and countryside seems to be the same as is the distance between the two of them. Will they be able to overcome the hardship?

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Nightmare Catalog by Yukimichi Ouji

Title: Nightmare Catalog
Author: Yukimichi Ouji | 雪路凹子
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Summary: Ashley is a vampire who’s been living an eternal life. In order to ease his loneliness, he starts traveling around the world to find a lover with his attendant doll, Noel. Its beautiful, delicate art adds charm to this sorrowful and serious story. Nevertheless, it somehow brings cynical laughter as well. Enjoy this dark (joke) fantasy!

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Nigeta Hitsuji no Tsukamaekata by Aoyama Toomi

Title: Nigeta Hitsuji no Tsukamaekata | 逃げたヒツジの捕まえ方
Author: Aoyama Toomi | 青山十三
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Summary: Reporter Oikawa Hidemi, Hide for short, chases after the mysterious professor Eli Y. Stafford, the reclusive medical researcher that managed to solve the “Alice conjecture,” the math problem of the century. He is dead set on interviewing the secretive genius. Feigning an illness, Hide infiltrates the soft-hearted professor’s residence and makes himself at home.

Note: Manga was licensed therefore we do not host it anymore. Refer to OuendanBlue for where to read.

Motto Ganbare! Nakamura-kun!!

Author: Syundei
Genre: Comedy, School Life, Shounen Ai
Summary:  Nakamura is a shy boy who falls in love at first sight with one of his classmates–his dreamy high school classmate, Hirose. But there’s a problem: they haven’t met yet. And Nakamura is a total klutz who might bungle things before they even begin!

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Author: Dayoo
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Genre: Yaoi, Slice of Life 
ISBN: 978-4-396-78353-2
Summary: Top student Mizusawa, third year in high school, was kissed by his drunk homeroom teacher, Takatsu (37 years old). After being told by a dazed Takatsu, that he’ll stop the unrequited love he’s been holding for him ever since his school entrance, Mizusawa has for the first time taken an interest in him.

Joint with Must be Endless Scanlations
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Dayoo is awesome enough to get her stuff licensed. Use legal source and read continuation, YOUNG GOOD BOYFRIEND, too.

Yasahiku Oshiete by Ido Gihou

Title: Yasashiku Oshiete
Author: Ido Gihou
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Genre:Slice of Life, Shounen Ai 
ISBN: 978-4-86349-442-8
Summary: University student Hikaru is an egoist whose type is “Girls who tell me that they like me.” One day, something changes after finding his younger brother Hijiri going on a date with a younger boy (not really his lover). The stage is set for Gihou Ido’s first comic! 

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