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Title: Nigeta Hitsuji no Tsukamaekata | 逃げたヒツジの捕まえ方
Author: Aoyama Toomi | 青山十三
Rating: 18+
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Summary: Reporter Oikawa Hidemi, Hide for short, chases after the mysterious professor Eli Y. Stafford, the reclusive medical researcher that managed to solve the “Alice conjecture,” the math problem of the century. He is dead set on interviewing the secretive genius. Feigning an illness, Hide infiltrates the soft-hearted professor’s residence and makes himself at home.

Title: Tokyo Shinjuu 4 | アンタのドレイのママでイイ
Author: Totempole |トウテムポール 
Rating: 18+
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Summary: Miyasaka decided to try his luck as assistant director in entertainment industry. His first impression of director Yano was not the best but it slowly started to changed after he managed to see his smile when they talked about a movie.

New release! Also in exciting news Nigeta has been licensed and a digital English version is available on So that means we’ll be dropping it. There are several bonus chapters left including one with the main couple so go check it out 🙂
Enjoy Nigeta Hitsuji no Tsukamaekata and the first chapter of Volume 4 for Tokyo Shinjuu!

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