Odu-kun dj – Wakai Tsubame

Title: Wakai Tsubame boy toy
Author: Kashio
Circle: jet
Summary: After Makabe finds out that his coworker Odu is in homosexual relationship, he starts to question himself.
Download: MU | MF | Read online

Well this one took us ages. For somewhat obvious reasons as well. I always hoped that any continuations of Odu-kun would focus on Odu and Araragi, but than Makabe popped up and i was like woot?! Anyway, with this all stuff related to Odu-kun no Vita Sexualis should be finished. Even if there’s anything else I’m not aware of we won’t work on it. This is it! And with it another project finished 😀

BTW we still need one experienced typesetter. Anywone out there with some time please contact us through mail or on discord.