Nightmare Catalog done~

Title: Nightmare Catalog
Author: Yukimichi Ouji
Rating: 15+
Summary:  Ashley is a vampire who’s been living an eternal life. In order to ease his loneliness, he starts traveling around the world to find a lover with his attendant doll, Noel. Its beautiful, delicate art adds charm to this sorrowful and serious story. Nevertheless, it somehow brings cynical laughter as well. Enjoy this dark (joke) fantasy!

Newly released: chapter 8-10 [END]

Find previous release, YowaPeda doujin White dyed blue here. (I realized just today I forgot to link it in release post ^^;; )

Last week I got most unfortunate news. One of most reliable editors I had in the group, Karuna, one that was with me from the whole beginning almost seven years ago when I wasn’t really planing to make a group, decided to leave group. You saw many of her great works through out the year. All the way from my first full volume project Odu-kun no Vita Sexualis, to this most recent one and pretty much every other project in between. This is not the very last you’ll see of her work, but her leaving will leave big impact on me and the group.

With that said I’m kindly shouting out again that we are recruiting experienced and reliable editors. I’m fine with giving guidance and pointers, but I don’t have time to teach you from scratch so you should have basics covered. I’m fine with separate people for cleaning and typesetting as well.
At the same time we’re also looking for a proofreader.

The above is recruitment for all projects we’re working on. I try to suit preferences of staff, but for the moment we’ll follow lineup written at the end of this post. More info @ bunny26a3 [at], discord (poke Nachi).

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