Yowamushi Pedal: Other

Arakita x Toudou

Title: doud | ダウド
Author: Norico | ノリコ
Circle: NALIS
Rating: R-18
DL: ZS|MF|Reader

Title: Joudan ha Hodohodo ni | 冗談はほどほどに
Author: Hayato | 隼人
Circle: gt
Rating: R-18
DL: ZS|MF|Reader

Fukutomi x Arakita

Title: Honmei Kareshi | 本命カレシ
Author: Futon | 布団
Circle: Metalize |
Rating: R-18
DL: ZS|MF|Reader

Title: White dyed blue | 青に染まる白
Author: Futon | 布団
Circle: Metalize |
Rating: R-18
DL: MU|MF|Reader

Fukutomi x Kinjou

Author: Vic | ビク
Circle: 9han
Pairing: Fukutomi x Kinjou
Rating: R-15
DL: ZS|MF|Reader

Kuroda x Arakita

Title: HELP
Author: Tatsunosuke Yukiya | 逹之介ユキヤ
Circle: Sokotsuya Baker | 粗忽屋ベイカー
Rating: 18+
Authors SNS: HP | pixiv | twitter
Download: ZS | MF | Read online

Mob x Makishima

Title: Makishima-kun no Jersey ga Nusumarete | 巻島君のジャージが盗まれて
Author: Yamada Non | やまだノン
Circle: +810
Rating: R-18
Joint with Silver Lining
DL: ZS|1F|Reader

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